Best Acoustic Guitars Available In The Market

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Whether you’re playing to become a professional guitarist or just playing for self-enjoyment, it’s always better to start with an affordable instrument. It is a misconception that guitars are expensive; in reality, one can choose from several of the best acoustic electric guitars for under $500.

Acoustic Guitar offers numerous benefits, making it popular among guitarists. Here are a few of them:

•    Sound: These guitars produce amazing sounds which work great for different genres. The music is crisp, clear and beautiful without any distortions getting in the way.

•    Performance: One of the reasons why guitarists go for acoustic-electric Guitar is its high level of performance. Overall, this instrument has good performance ability and sustainability, which makes it a popular choice of instrument.

•    Portability: Without any need for stands or electrical cords, acoustic guitars are completely mobile so that an individual can carry it virtually anywhere whenever required, even while travelling via plane.

•    Level of playing: This Guitar is perfect for both novice and professional players. Whether you are starting to learn to play the Guitar or are an experienced songwriter, acoustic guitars make an ideal choice.


Top Acoustic Guitar Choices


Thanks to the array of acoustic guitar brands, there is a perfect instrument for everyone. The aim is to find the Guitar that sounds and feels right according to the need and personal preference. Here are some of the best guitars for you to choose from:

Yamaha GL Series GL1 TBS Guitalele, Tobacco Sunburst


This guitar costs around $110, making it ideal for beginners. Besides affordability, it comes with mini 6 strings made of nylon that provide excellent tone and balance. Its tuning is pitched up to A" at A/D/G/C/E/A.

Yamaha Fs820 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Thanks to its mahogany backs and sides, this Guitar provides brilliant balance and tone. Other key features include durable rosewood fingerboard & bridge and solid sitka spruce top. Available in a variety of colours, this Guitar comes with diecast tuners and has an adjustable truss rod.


Washburn Heritage Series Hf11S Folk Acoustic Guitar


This is a folk-styled guitar which is perfect for singer-songwriters, well-suited for those who prefer small-bodied guitars. Built for playing during live performances, this Guitar is budget friendly, features a solid cedar top, a custom rosette, and rosewood bridge and fingerboard.


Teton Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar STS105NT


With robust tone and quality design, this Guitar features a solid cedar top which adds an increase to the initial volume boost. Constructed for prolonged lasting use, it is made of mahogany back and sides, maple binding, and matte finish which makes the guitarist stand out in the mix.


Takamine GN20-NS Nex Acoustic Guitar, Natural


This Guitar comes with a natural satin finish, making it a fancy instrument. Its solid cedar top with mahogany sides and back produces a full and warm tone which works beautifully for a variety of musical styles. Its split-saddle design with pin-less rosewood bridge offers a superior intonation for single-note runs and sweeter sounding chords.


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